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Rega Investigative Group offers full-service armed/unarmed uniformed and executive-close protective services for private industry, retail, hotel and motion picture production.  We can provide industry-leading and cost-effective protection scaled to your request.  Our clientele includes local and nationally recognized companies who provide a variety of services across Pennsylvania.

Rega Investigative Group, LLC. cares about people, be that our clients, our clients staff and the general public.  It’s not only our reputation we strive to protect, it’s also yours. Our management team includes some of the most experienced personnel in the security field and our highly competent officers are fully trained to the highest standards.  This includes site-specific requirements for your industry or event.

Our management team also offers a vulnerability/risk assessment analysis of your business or production. Our risk assessment can help you:

- Evaluate any part of your business/production, or your entire organization

- Analyze potential risks for new sites or expansions

- Identify any weaknesses in your current security protocols and procedures

- Provide a detailed set of practical recommendations

  1. -Assist you in choosing the appropriate coverage size and level of protection needed

  2. -Increase effectiveness and cost savings.

Unlike national “chain-style” security firms, we pride ourselves in being a direct-access company, meaning you can reach your local supervisor directly- 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  No automated messaging, answering services or out-of-state management.  If you have questions or concerns, we will address them immediately and provide a personal touch to our services other companies can’t match.

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With Rega Investigative Group, LLC., our Clients can expect:

  1. A dedicated and focused team who have full confidence in their ability to provide.

  2. Personnel to meet client specifications. All our personnel are carefully chosen and thoroughly vetted.

  3. Ability to quickly respond to coverage needs.

  4. Direct communication with the appropriate municipal police departments, Pennsylvania State Police and emergency first responders in their respective jurisdictions for all emergencies and disturbances.

  5. Continuity and high standards throughout the project.

  6. Quality customer service.  We strive to be a compliment to your company.

  7. Professionally uniformed officers who are immediately recognized and provide a deterrent to criminal activity.

  8. Total piece of mind, which means you don't have to worry about your personnel or assets.

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